"Arranjem seis magnetizadores potentes para um pequeno acumulador direccional." W. Seward B.

terça-feira, fevereiro 10, 2004

Detail from Understanding the Earth
Collage, 15" x 20

Understanding the Earth

Birth pains, frozen, alive.

but I've got to get my balloons back.
E equals MC squared.
and where do the butterflies sleep at night?
One hundred and eighty six thousand miles a second.
i dont want to go to sleep, it's dark behind my eyes.
The mountains were under the sea once,
and will be again, eventually.
Long after I've switched off your light.
so, tomorrow?
who made the trees?
Some sort of energy.
do the butterflies sleep in the trees?
Maybe, maybe under the leaves.
we eat leaves dont we?
Where are your balloons?
tangled in a tree.
A small tree?
no, listen, the wind just took them out of my hand,
as I was whistling, blew them away, away above me.
What colour were they?
all colours, I dont remember exactly, who does?
they were free anyway, it doesn't matter.
Time to go to sleep.
i'll bet E stands for energy and M is for music.

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